Alabama Nasal and Sinus Center
St. Vincent 's Health and Wellness
7191 Cahaba Valley Road,
Suite 301
Birmingham, Al 35242
Phone: (205) 980-2091

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Alabama Nasal & Sinus Center


The Alabama Nasal and Sinus Center exists to bring glory to God through Christ-centered service to patients, each other, and the community.

We value excellence, integrity, and compassion as we provide the highest quality ear, nose, and throat care to all who come through our doors

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Balloon Sinuplasty Revisited.
What’s Up with the Balloon? Undoubtedly you have heard much of the discussion about balloon sinuplasty (BSP).   Numerous advertisements on radio and in print have raised awareness in the public about this relatively new surgical device. What is it and where does it fit in the spectrum of treating patients with sinusitis? Simply stated, since its introduction in 2005, the balloon is one tool among many that can be used to open a blocked sinus. By using balloon catheter dilation technology to perform BSP, the outflow tracts of the maxillary, frontal and sphenoid sinuses can be dilated. No tissue is removed during BSP.  Importantly, however, is the fact that the ethmoid sinus is not directly treated.  Studies have shown ...
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